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Event ID: 0 Source: DMSNAPIN

dmLog: IsCRMSysAdmin : <function name> failed.
This event might occur when you try to modify a schema attribute of the "Boolean" or "Picklist" type and you type an entry that has more than 18 characters in the Display name box of that schema attribute. If that is the case, see ME899489 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft CRM 1.2.

If you have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Beta release installed on the computer that is running Microsoft CRM 1.2 Server, see ME899188 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft CRM 1.2.
As per Microsoft: "You add a new picklist value to the Preferred Contacts field for the account object. When you publish the customization in Deployment Manager, you receive the following error message: "Publish completed with errors. Please see event log for details"". If that happens, and this event is logged, see ME839587 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Business Solutions CRM 1.2.
- WhoAmI - From a newsgroup post: "I think it has to do with what user you had when you installed it. The second I changed the password to that account, I got that error. The user that is logged in to the server (and thus trying to run deployment mgr) needs to have a license and be a member of the System administrator role. Changing the password to the user should matter unless you forgot to update all the services to use the new password."

From another newsgroup post: "Is the user you're logged in as setup as a MSCRM user? It also needs to have a valid license assigned to it
to use some features in DM."

From a newsgroup post: "I have seen this when the IIS is installed before the .Net application is installed. I would check the .Net version and run the .Net Manager in MMC and see if it is fully populated with the .Net information. If not I would re run the .Net fix to make sure you ar on the correct version of .Net"

- GetUserRoles failed - no info

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