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Event ID: 0 Source: _MSCOM_ConfigSettings

c5440492-429c-46bd-9da1-6bc84c7ea140 2009-1-23 3:40:03 PM ERROR  [
(TimerCallbackID = e6779585-8bd7-47e4-8084-827990e7bef2)
(RecoveryAttemptNumber = 2285)
(DateWhenFirstErrorHappened = 1/23/2009 2:23:50 PM)
(ConfigCacheManagerID =
(CacheName = SoftwareUpdateServices_AppConfigSettings_ConfigCacheManager)
(Process Directory = C:\WINDOWS\system32)
(Web Path = NULL)  
An error happened in the timer Callback method: An exception happened when we were trying to check for modifications (or read settings) out of the config file. The callback will keep re-trying until it succeeds. ]  Exception_MESSAGE: (Couldn''''''''t find key [MSCOM/SoftwareUpdateServices/2.0/ConfigFilePath] in AppSettings . See method ConfigFileUtility.GetAppSettingValueOrThrow. )  Exception_SOURCE: (Microsoft.UpdateServices.Common)  Exception_STACKTRACE: (   at Microsoft.MSCOM.SoftwareUpdateServices.
UniversalUtility.ConfigFileReader.GetAppSettingValueOrThrow(String sAppSettingKey)
   at Microsoft.MSCOM.SoftwareUpdateServices.UniversalUtility.ConfigFileReader.GetConfigFileModifiedDateTime(String sAppSettingKeyToConfigFilePath)
   at Microsoft.MSCOM.SoftwareUpdateServices.LocalUtility.MSComConfiguration.
   at Microsoft.MSCOM.SoftwareUpdateServices.UniversalUtility.
ConfigCacheManager.CallBackForExpiredTime(Object oState))
No information available. If you have additional details about this event, please, send them to us!

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