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Event ID: 1 Source: AFAMGT

\Device\AFA0:Enclosure 0 - <description>
Description: Controller battery needs reconditioning. Please run your controller's management software - This is from the Dell PERC2 RAID controller. Looks like all you have to do is run OpenManage, right-click the controller, and click "Recondition" in the Properties page. The message is not critical - it just means the battery has dropped below 85% a certain number of times, so for optimal performance, it should be drained and recharged (reconditioned). This apparently slows down the storage system, and should be done after hours.
This problem was resolved by updating the firmware to the RAID controller.
Description: "Battery needs reconditioning." - Indicates that the battery on the RAID controller needs "reconditioning". If reported by a Dell server, this is accomplished through Dellís Open Manage Applications Software program which comes with the machine. It takes about 10 hours to complete.††During operation it degrades the system performance and should therefore be done after hours.
Description: "Temperature 145, over threshold 12" - This indicates that the temperature inside the server cabinet is above the "normal" one. Check the server room air conditioning, the server's fans and verify that there are not components that are overheating the server.

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