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Event ID: 1 Source: CanonPrinterDriver3

DrvDocumentPropertySheets 6A900000 77FCC37C ACCESS_VIOLATION.
An access violation error message typically indicates a bug in the software (the driver software is attempting to access areas of memory reserved to the operating system) - see Error code 0xC0000005 for more details about this type of error.

The programming function specified in the event (DrvDocumentPropertySheets) is responsible for creating property sheet pages that describe a print document's properties. The two hex addresses listed in the event indicate the memory locations where the violation occurred. Various programming functions can be recorded with this event, depending on the operation taking place when the error was recorded: DrvEnablePDEV, DrvTextOut, DrvPrinterEvent.

According to EV100250 (Canon iR3570/4570 nightmares), if this occurs in a Citrix environment, it is due to incompatibilities between Citrix and Canon printer drivers. Some users fixed the problem by updating the driver with the latest version however, for many users, the latest drivers did not help.

From another support forum: "I think I have got around the problem by re-creating the printer on the print server and updating the network print server in the CMC."

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