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Event ID: 1 Source: Networker

NetWorker media: (<message type>) <description>
- Description: "Filesystem containing file index for client <client> is getting full" - The file-system containing the specified hostname’s index is getting full. Provide additional disk space by adding disk capacity. Move the indexes to a file-system that has more space. Reduce the size of the indexes by reducing the browse and retention policies.
Give to the "SELF" account the "Associated External Account" permission in Mailbox Rights or re-enable the user account. See ME278966 for details.
Type: warning Description: \\.\Tape0 writing: The physical end of the tape has been reached., at file 659 record 769. This event is followed by 2 other events with ID 1 of type notice "dlt7000 tape W0006 on \\.\Tape0 is full" and "dlt7000 tape W0006 used 90 GB of 34 GB capacity". Those 3 events occur every time when a backup tape is full.
Type: critical, Description: "backup to pool Default waiting for 1 writable backup tape(s)" - it may appear if the current tape is full and there is no writable tape in the pool (so the administrator's action is required to provide a new tape).

Description: (exception occurred) exiting - no info

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