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Event ID: 1 Source: klnagent

Resource is unavailable. Possibly address/port is unavailable or invalid.
Message='Cannot connect to the component instance '1093;87;;1093-87''
File='O:\CS AdminKit\development2\kca\prcp\proxybase.cpp'
From a support forum:
This can happen on two scenarios, AK Server installed or only AK Console.

If you only have the AK Console installed, the this is a "normal" warning (it doesn't affect server's functionality) and you cannot disable it. Net Agent is developed to work with AK Server and if it's not able to connect to it it will record this warning.

If the AK Server is installed then there may be several causes:
1) Agent is not able to connect to Administration Server.
2) Server Address, ports are incorrect or ports are closed.

The workstation failed to connect to the Administration Server at %1:13000 because the Server is unavailable at this address. (where %1 - server name or its IP address)

Possible reasons:

1. The Administration Server failed to initialize.
2. The Administration Server has another address or port
3. Port 13000 on the %1 is protected by a firewall or outbound connection on the workstation to %1:13000 isn't allowed.
4. Address %1 cannot be resoved properly on the workstation side

To resolve the problem try following steps.

At first run "fport" utility on the computer %1 to check whether the Administration Server really opened port 13000. Name of the Administration Server process is "klserver". If fport fails to run on the system (it doesn't support 2003 Server) run "netstat -a" instead.

If the Administration Server fails to open port 13000 you should send the Kaspersky log to Helpdesk Kaspersky(in tab-delimited format from the Administration Server). Otherwise do the second step - try to connect to the Administration Server from the workstation via telnet.

telnet %1 13000

If it failed check whether port 13000 is really excluded by a firewall if any present on the server side and outbound connection to %1:13000 is allowed on the client side.

Then you can try to send ping from the workstation to %1 and check whether ip address shown be the ping utility mathes with real server ip address.

Send also to HD log obtained with KLNagchk utility for review.

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