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Event ID: 100 Source: Winlog

The service failed to shutdown correctly due to subprocess being unable to be killed. Error code: <error code>.
The description of this event is common to many sources. Most of them are followed by event id 107 from the same source.

What all these sources have in common is the use of FireDaemon. FireDaemon is a utility that allows you to install and run virtually any native Win32 application or script as a Windows NT/2K/XP/2K3 service. The event is logged by FireDaemon itself (with the name of the application filled as source). At installation, FireDaemon would register your application with the EventLog service so it will know from where to read the event log message dll (see the "What is the event source?" article). So for example, you have a script called MyApp and you want to run in as a service. You can use FireDaemon to do that but if something goes wrong with your script, FireDaemon may record a message in the event log with MyApp as source (for example you could get event id 100 having MyApp as source).

There is a MRTG + FireDaemon HOWTO that provides a troubleshooting approach for this type of errors when they happen to MRTG (see the link below). For applications other than MRTG you would have to contact the developer of that application.

Error codes:
Error code 5 = Access denied - For description of some of the conditions when this error can occure see the link to Error code 5.

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