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Event ID: 1000 Source: FrontPage4.0

Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions: <error> Message: <error message>
This is a generic message from FrontPage. It can occur on many conditions and the error message vary. A few of them seem to be a consequence of lack of rights to the web folders.

Please read carefully the following and see if any applies to the error that you are getting.

- "(OS Error #-1073741819 Message: exception occurred at 0x17ff8439)" - See ME259534
- "(OS Error #5 Message: Access is denied.)" - See ME259534
- "(OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied)" - See ME259534
- "OS Error #123 Message: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.)" - no info
- "Error reading IIS default Vroot info" - no info
- "Bad response from SMTP host'exchangeserver': 550 Relaying is prohibited." - See ME251283
- "http://<url> - Error #20005 Message: Cannot create file "<file name>". - no info
- "http://<url> - Error #80002 Message: System exception: access violation." - See ME259534
- "http://<url> - VrwObj::beginWriteLock() could not get DataBSem " - no info
- "http://<url> - Error #2000c Message: Write error on file "<file name>". - no info
- "Received empty response from Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions" - See ME259534
- "http://<url> - Error #20001 Message: Cannot open file "c:\inetpub\wwwroot\subweb1\_vti_pvt\access.cnf" for reading." - See ME259534
- "http://<url>- Error #e0024 Message: Getting SID's account name failed.". This may occur when you publish a server using FrontPage (for example from a development server to the production one). Verify the security on the destination web site folders (right-click the folder and select the Security tab). You may see that permissions are assigned to accounts that no longer exist on that computer. Because of that the computer cannot map the SID (something like S-1-5-21-3120521188-990063733-3579464830-512) to actual user or group name. To fix it remove the missing account from the permissions. Even though not 100% applicable, ME260159 describe a similar situation.

- "http://<url> - Error #90017 Message: Source Control System failure:
Unable to open user login file <file name>."

Check your meta refresh tag and make sure the quotation marks are balanced. This problem usually occurs when a mark is missing. It could also be a corrupted file so try to recreate it.

From a newsgroup post: Check that the NTFS permissions on the inetpub\wwwroot are set correctly. FP needs certain minimum permissions in order to work properly. A list of all the permissions is at "Files and Permissions on Internet Information Service" (link below). Without the correct permissions FP can misbehave like this also because it can't do what it needs to.
- Message: "Received empty response from Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions" - See ME838018 for a hotfix applicable to FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions from Microsoft, when used with Microsoft Windows 2000.
- Message: "FrontPage server extensions already installed on port /LM/W3SVC/1:. Reverting to upgrade" - See ME319779 to work around this issue.
- "unexpected C++ exception: [INDEXERR] Illegal Index (675) for collection with 1 elements" - See ME225350 to fix this problem.
- http://SERVER - Error #80002 Message: System exception: access violation - See ME312418.
- OS Error #-1073741819 Message: exception occurred at <adress> - See ME312418.

- Error: #30002, message: Error 2 opening registry key "SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\W3SVC" - No information.
Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions: Error #3005f Message: Unable to read configuration for Microsoft Internet Information Server. This problem was caused by the deletion of the default web site after we had created a new web site. From the IIS management console, right click on Internet Information Services and choose properties. Under Master Properties, click WWW Service, and then click Edit. Select the Service tab and set the default web site. For more information see MS Knowledgebase article - ME308193.

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