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Event ID: 1000 Source: FrontPage5.0

Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions: - Error <error code> Message: <error message>
Error: "#10054" Message - "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host." - Winsock Error code 10054 (WSAECONNRESET) indicates a "Connection reset". This can happen if a sockets client (which includes SPX) is actively sending or receiving data, and the network connection is lost. Typical examples of this could be:  someone logging out incorrectly by powering off their computer in the middle of a transmission, or the network cable becomming disconnected, etc. See WinSock Error Codes link. For FrontPage98 see ME301607.

Error #20001 Message: Cannot open file '<filename>'.lck. See ME216423, ME264954, ME297322, ME303255 for various causes and resolutions.

Error #20002 Message: Cannot open file "path to content directory\_private\form_results.txt" for writing. - This behavior can occur when a form is created that submits to a particular file, and that file has been deleted, moved, or renamed. To resolve this issue, See ME264977.

Error #2000c Message: Write error on file "ISAPI stream out". - This warning can be caused when files are imported often over a long period of time or if there is a large amount of content. Importing instead of publishing can cause the Doctodep.btr and Deptodoc.btr files to become fragmented, thereby slowing the performance. Importing multiple files at one time does not speed up the process. Importing a file causes FrontPage to essentially recalculate hyperlinks. The recommended way to move content is to publish from within FrontPage. See ME234583.

Error #2000c Message: Write error on file "service.lck". See ME218464.

Error: #20015 Message: Cannot open "docicon.xml" no such file or folder. - It has something to do with Sharepoint Team Services and IIS. The message:  "no such file or folder" - means that the file "docicon.xml" is not on the server at all, (maybe it was never installed). If you check the server and do find this file - then it is not it the right location and that whatever is calling it is possibly configured to look in the wrong place. A program like the free download - "FileMon" from lets you see all file system activity in real-time and see what file or program is calling on the file "docicon.xml".

Error #e002e Message: Cannot set the permissions for the file, \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extension\50\isapi\help\"filename" - This problem can occur if you do not have dministrator rights to the physical server, even though you may have Administrator rights to the SharePoint team Web site. Only a local administrator can stop and start the SharePoint Timer Service. For a Workaround, See ME299919.

Error #160002 Message: Cannot connect to SMTP host "<host name>". See: ME296697.

Error #240016 Message: "Usage processing failed to complete normally" - The error can occur when you run usage analysis on a Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0 Web server. For a workaround see ME294395. The issue was fixed by Office XP SP1. See ME312543.

Error #4000a, Message: "An error occurred accessing your FrontPage web files. Authors - if authoring against a web server, please contact the webmaster for this serverís site. Webmasters - please see the serverís system log for more details" - See ME198123, ME216452, ME259534, ME260159, ME272289, and ME318290.
- Error: #160005, Message: "Bad response from SMTP host <ip address>: 501 unacceptable mail address" - See ME308242.
- Error: #20005d, Message: "The server extensions were unable to access the file "service.cnf". Please check the file permissions" - See ME817932.
- Error: #13, Message: "Permission denied" - See ME817932.
- Error: #-1073741819, Message: "exception occurred at 0x77e4199a" - See "JSI Tip 7596".
- Error: #80002, Message: "System exception: access violation" - See "JSI Tip 7596".
- Error: #a0007 - As Brian stated, this error is related to indexing. I had this problem crop up and resolved it by going into the FrontPage Server Extension administration tool and increasing the index size from 1 MB to 10 MB. I then recalculated the hyperlinks from within FrontPage. The problem has not recurred.

Additionally, it has been suggested to me that if the index allowance is already of sufficient size, deleting all the files contained in the C:\inetpub....._vti_txt\default.wti\ folder on the server and then recalculating the hyperlinks with FrontPage will repopulate the _vti_txt\default.wti\ folder and should clear the message.
- Error #160005 Message: "Bad response from SMTP server" - See ME196489.
- Error #160003 Message: "Error reading from SMTP host "<smtp server>". - I was having a problem getting web forms to submit. I use IIS 5.0 with FrontPage 2002 extensions. I discovered that if I removed the e-mail address the form will submit. I did this by simply opening my form in FrontPage and going to the Form Properties. The following articles talk about configuring SMTP: ME305675 and ME196489. These settings needed to be corrected to get the forms working again.

- Error: 3005f  Message: "Unable to read configuration for Microsoft Internet Information Server." - no info.
- Error #240018 Message: "Warning: data lost processing ex0305.log. Not enough information is being logged. The following fields are missing from the log file: URI Stem (cs-uri-stem)   Protocol Status (sc-status)" - no info.
- Error: #24000c Message: "Usage analysis is already running" - No information.
- Error: #20005 Message: "Cannot create file <doctodep.btr>" - No information.
- Error: #80002, message: "System exception: access violation" - See ME832881 for a workaround.

Error #2001d Message: Theme path doesn't exist "bars" not found. - I got this error message when I opened an old html file that was using a FP theme no longer available on the current system. To avoid getting this kind of messages one should install the themes used on varios web pages.
Error #3005f Message: "Unable to read configuration for Microsoft Internet Information Server." - See ME319305. Also, from a newsgroup post: "The common problem/solution I've seen with the can't read configuration error has to do with virtual servers, and the path being somehow corrupted - if you have a virtual server, the solution may be to create a new folder and copy the content into it, and then
point IIS to the new folder. Then re-run the FP Extension manager and
fix/reinstall the FP Extensions to that."
Error: "#a0007" - Message: Error from search: can't open the word hash file c:\inetpub\wwwroot\elearning\_vti_txt\default.wti\All.dct unable to open the database"
Frontpage-generated search engines use the Index service to perform searches. There must be a catalog in the Index Service that contains the web content.

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