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Event ID: 1000 Source: Frontpage2000

Error <error number> Message: <description>
- Error: #160005, Message: "bad response from SMTP host <ip address>: 553 malformed address" - See ME308242.
- Error #160009 Message: The email address <email address> is unknown - If you notice it say's email address, as in single; hence stringing multiple email addresses together produces this error: #160009, Message: The email address ""[email protected];[email protected]"" is unknown. We also had this one: Error #160008 Message: The E-Mail address "[email protected]; [email protected]" contains illegal characters. Notice the difference in the single and double quotes in #160008 and #160009.

Many problems have been fixed by re-installing the Server Extensions. See ME205696 to find out how to install FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions for Internet Information Server. ME300543 gives the same information about install and configure of FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions on IIS.
From a newsgroups post: "This is about listing the security permissions. Remember to put the global account in the local group and assign the rights to the local group. In other words make a local group account on the web server and pull from the domain the global account with users in that group, put that group in the local group you made and give the rights to the local group then make sure in FrontPage under groups the local group account is in there with admin author or browse. Check also ME260159."
Another post suggests: "I found the error was being created by a Frontpage Administrator trying to change permissions using Frontpage from a different domain."
Use the FPSRVADM command line to create a web and check for a more informative error message. (than the one from the event log).

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