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Event ID: 1000 Source: MsiInstaller

Product: <product name> -- Error <error code> <error description>
- Product: Commerce Server 2000, error code: 1904 - See ME296352.
- Product: Mobile Information Server, error: "Installation operation failed" - See ME278229.
- Error: 29020 = Failed to populate AD - Same article as above, namely ME278229.
- Product: Commerce Server 2000, error code: -2147467259 - See ME307940.
- Product: Commerce Server 2000, error code: -2147418113 - See ME281299.
- Product: Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 End-User Client, error: "Setup cannot continue, as Internet Explorer 5.0 is not installed" - See ME308583.
- Product: Microsoft Shared Fax, error: "Internal Error 2711: Runtime" - See ME285813.
- Product: Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition, error code: 25013 - See "Symantec Suport Document ID:2000112808305048".
- Product: McAfee VirusScan, error: "Internal Error 2753.F4115_scan32.exe" - See the link to "McAfee Support Solution ID: nai2695".
Error code 1706 = "No valid source could be found for product Microsoft Office 2000 Premium. The Windows installer cannot continue." - This error usually happens after switching profiles on a 2000 pro machine. To fix the problem download and install Mdac.
Error code 1321 = The Installer has insufficient privileges to modify this file: - Permissions to the C:\Winnt\Installer folder are insufficient for MSI to create\modify files. See ME217714.
Error code 1706 = "No valid source could be found for product Microsoft Office 2000 Premium. The Windows installer cannot continue." - This occurs when windows attempts to locate a file (such as the first time you start up office after installation, or if you accidentally click "Reconfigure mail support" in MS outlook, tools, options....) to complete configuration of an application. Windows attempts to find the file that it needs in the exactly location that the application was installed from. therefore this file IN that location must be available. If you installed from a CD, insert the disk, and point the MSI installer there. if you installed over a network, you will have to reconnect to that network share.

Error: 1931 - See ME279177.
Error 1706: A large number of Q articles explain various conditions on which this error can occur. Most of them due to features that have to be installed at the first use but the installation files are not available.
Error: 1931, Product FP4AUTL.DLL - Microsoft used to have an article, ME266789 that said: "This problem can occur because (Windows File Protection) installs the Fp4autl.dll file for the Microsoft Front Page Server Extensions from the dynamic link libraries (DLLs) cache folder and not the DLL file that is installed with the Webfldrs.msi and files. WFP does not recognize this version because it is an earlier version of the Fp4autl.dll file." For this problem, deploying an upgrade is probably the best fix.
Product: Microsoft Office 2000 SR-1 Professional, Error 1404: "Could not delete key <registry key>." I fixed the error by cancelling the remove process and changed the rights on the specified key. After doing so, I received same event but with error 1310, "Error writing to file: C:\Config.Msi\428387.rbf.". To solve the problem, I installed the MSI updater. I was then able to remove office without errors.
Error Code: 2755 = "You can't install the product over a mapped networkdrive" - no info.
Product: Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX, Error 26065 = "Error when upgrading NIS Schema.". This can happen if you are installing Server for NIS (SFU 3) on a domain controller in an AD forest serviced by multiple DCs AND you have not already upgraded the AD schema prior to running the installation wizard. Check the log file to make sure that the schema upgrade started and then wait for the changes to replicate to all the DCs. After this happens, you should be able to rerun the installer w/no problems. To avoid this problem, run Sfusch.exe in the \Nis folder on the Windows Services for UNIX Setup CD-ROM to upgrade the schema before attempting to install server for NIS.  This only needs to be done once per forest.

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