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Event ID: 1000 Source: PerfDisk

Unable to open the Disk performance object. Status code returned is data DWORD 0.
If you disable the Windows Management Instrumentation Driver you get a similar error. So instead of disabling it, set it to manual.
This usually means that performance counters have been enabled, but not configured. If you don't plan to use performance counters, don't run the service "Performance Counters and Alerts".
Windows 2000 runs performance counters in the background, including disk, system and network performance. Perfmon will post errors to the event log if a service is disabled or damaged.  If you get any error messages relating to any of the performance counters such as perfmon, perfnet, perfdisk, perfctrs (including the common error: Unable to read IO control information from NBT device), and commonly W3Ctrs, FtpCtrs, and IISInfoCtrs if IIS is disabled.
You can manually disable individual monitors using the Windows 2000 Resource Kit utility exctrlst.exe. Extensible Counter List allows you to disable individual performance counters by deselecting the "Enabled" box.

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