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Event ID: 1000 Source: Userenv

Windows cannot update your roaming profile. Contact your network administrator. DETAIL - <error message>.
- Error message: "The filename or extension is too long" - Occurs at logon to a user account that is configured to use a roaming user profile. The profile folder contains a file with a file name that is too long to be copied with a full path name.
In one case this was a file in C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\Recent.
To resolve this, logon as an Administrator with a different account name and delete or rename the file name that is too long. If this cannot be done with Windows Explorer then do this from the Windows 2000 command line by using the CD command with a relative directory name to navigate to the file.
For me, this came down to a lack of permissions on the users profile directory. We added the user and gave him Full Control and the problem was solved.
This event can occur in various circumstances. See the links below for more information.
You get ''access denied'' everytime a file with read-only attribute is  trying to be copied to \\%server%\profiles\%profilename%. ME273473 states this only can take place if the roaming profiles are stored in a netware server. However, this also can take place in Windows 2000 server if userenv.dll is outdated. Solution: check userenv.dll file:

Date        Time   Size     File name  
10/10/2000  13:57  366, 352  Userenv.dll
... and reapply service pack 2.
See the "User profile does not roam" link for troubleshooting this issue.

This error occurred on my system that had been upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows 2000. I used to log in as Dave Murphy, for example. When I upgraded to Win2k, I logged in as Dave. My user profile was trying to access a Dave directory under Documents and Settings, but the only directory there was called Dave Murphy. However, my profile seemed to work. It wasn't a permissions issue because I still used FAT32. I ended up making a new folder just called Dave and copied the existing profile into that directory and said the Dave login could use it. Since then, I haven't had the error.

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