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Event ID: 10000 Source: BackupConnector

[ODBCRecord::DeleteRecord]Error executing SQL statement "DELETE FROM SyncBackupRestore WHERE UserConfigID = AND DatabaseName = AND UID = " DATA: UserConfigID[158] DatabaseName[Phone Call Logs] UID[913310477]. No rows to delete.
From a newsgroup post: "On most cell phones and certain Blackberry Handhelds there are the Received Calls & Dialed Calls Features which cache historical phone call information. In Blackberry terminology this is called the Phone Hotlist. Both the management of the BB Phone Hotlist and the synchronization of that data to the BES Server are active processes. In the case of our event, a delete request is being called by the Blackberry Handheld to the database on the SQL server.


The oldest or older entry(ies) on the handheld’s Phone get “deleted” due to numerous calls placed or received. If information is created and deleted on the handheld between synchronizations, the information is never in the SQL database. Upon the next synchronization, part of the information that is sent to the database includes the “delete” record from the Phone Hotlist. Since the SQL database never had this information, a notification will is triggered that there was nothing to delete. As per RIMM tech support, this is acknowledged behavior. The only change they are planning is to tweak their code so this does not trigger a notification. No ETA on the hot fix. We can suppress these alerts or live with them until the Hot Fix is issued".

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