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Event ID: 1001 Source: DhcpServer

The DHCP service failed to register with Service Controller.  The following error occurred: The operation completed successfully..
0000: 00 00 00 00
In our case, our RIS server was not answering PXE clients and was logging these events. Disabling the second NIC on the RIS server solved the issue. This server was not running the DHCP server service. Reviewing ME891372 also helped.
This error occurred on every reboot on a Windows 2003 Server that was running both DHCP Server and RIS. The problem was fixed by adding the DHCPServer service to the DependOnService value under the following registry key: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\BINLSVC.
Since Bryan (see below) mentioned his clients no longer received PXE images when this error came up, I thought I would offer two possibilities. The first is a potential hotfix, depending on your OS. This hotfix does not work with 2003 SP1.

ME300034 - "Your RIS client may not be able to obtain an IP address during the PXE restart on Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000".

Second, I also experienced the problem of my PXE clients not receiving boot images after upgrading my last DHCP server to Windows 2003 SP1. Prior to the upgrade, everything was working fine. The eventual solution was a firmware upgrade to my desktop switches. My environment is segmented by VLANs controlled by a central Cisco router. The outer switches are Dell 5224s. Once the windows upgrade went into place, my clients on the VLANs could no longer get a DHCP address during PXE boot. After the firmware upgrade, the clients were able to resume normal operations.
This error occurs in my environment when our (non-Microsoft) DHCP server fails or is unavailable. An additional symptom is that the PXE clients do not receive the boot file name when attempting to boot from RIS Server.
The "error" description "The operation completed successfully" it seems to be a contradiction. Most probably is caused by the fact that the "data" portion of the event does not contain an error code but "0". "0" means "The operation completed successfully" hence the error description. It is possible that there was an error by the data portion of the event is not properly updated so the system cannot extract the proper error description. Investigate the DHCP server for any anomalies or lookup other entries in the event log.

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