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Event ID: 1001 Source: HP System

Power-On-Self-Test (POST) errors occurred during the last system startup.

User Action
Check the Power-On-Self-Test (POST) errors, and take corrective action as needed.

WBEM Indication Properties
AlertingElementFormat: 0 0 (Unknown)
AlertType: 5 0x5 (Device Alert)
Description: "Power-On-Self-Test (POST) errors occurred during the last system startup."
EventCategory: 4 0x4 (System Hardware)
EventID: "1"
ImpactedDomain: 4 0x4 (System)
IndicationIdentifier: "{7E329DAB-764B-444E-B895-3888A7E7B178}"
IndicationTime: "20081003122750.201000-240"
NetworkAddresses[0]: ""
OSType: 69 0x45 (Microsoft Windows Server 2003)
OSVersion: "5.2.3790"
PerceivedSeverity: 5 0x5 (Major)
ProbableCause: 8 0x8 (Configuration/Customization Error)
ProbableCauseDescription: "POST Errors Occurred"
ProviderName: "HP POST"
ProviderVersion: ""
RecommendedActions[0]: "Check the Power-On-Self-Test (POST) errors, and take corrective action as needed."
Summary: "POST errors occurred"
SystemCreationClassName: "HP_WinComputerSystem"
SystemFirmwareVersion[0]: "2005.08.19"
SystemFirmwareVersion[1]: "2005.08.19"
SystemGUID: "31303833-3337-5355-4d36-313130315250"
SystemModel: "ProLiant ML350 G4p"
SystemName: "pos-file.pos.local"
SystemProductID: "380173-001"
SystemSerialNumber: "USM61101RP"
TIME_CREATED: 128675248782601671 0x1c92574ff126dc7
VariableNames[0]: "POST Error Code"
VariableNames[1]: "POST Error String"
VariableTypes[0]: 3 0x3 (uint8)
VariableTypes[1]: 1 0x1 (string)
VariableValues[0]: "185"
VariableValues[1]: "POST Error: 1610-Temperature violation detected Waiting 5 minutes for system to cool Press Esc key to resume booting without waiting for the system to cool. WARNING: Pressing Esc is NOT recommended as the system may shutdow"
This is related to a hardware temperature issue. Verify that the cooling system is working properly (i.e fans).

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