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Event ID: 1001 Source: MicrosoftOffice10

Fault bucket 00706552.
My Antivirus (EZtrust) caused these errors for me. I disabled real-time scan and everything is OK now.
This event is related to EventID 1000 from source Microsoft Office 10. This can be caused due to an add-in that is not functioning properly. Verify that add-ins in the Outlook client are needed. I cleared this up by removing the Plaxo Comm add-in (Tools\Options\Other\Advanced Options\COM Add Ins... or Manage Add Ins). Make sure these are all required, some unnecessary add-ins, (such as Plaxo in my case) will cause this error and not allow you to close out of Outlook without generating an error.
From a newsgroup post: "In my case the problem was created by McAfee Antivirus. Each Outlook crash was preceded by McAfee trying to go out and update either its AV engine or DAT files. After I disabled them, I had no more crashes. This is McAfee 4.5.1 so it's pretty ancient".
From a newsgroup post: "Run the update from the Microsoft Office XP site ( I had frequent crashes in Outlook 2002, went to the update site and found crucial updates posted there for Outlook and for Word. Since I downloaded those updates I haven't had a crash in those programs."

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