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Event ID: 1001 Source: Perflib

The buffer size returned by a collect procedure in Extensible Counter DLL "<path to dll>" for the "<service name>" service was larger than the space available. Performance data returned by counter DLL will be not be  returned in Perf Data Block. Overflow size is data DWORD 0.
As per ME242973 in Windows NT 4.0 this event may be posted erroneously.

Also check ME226494 for more details about this error.
Most of the Win32 API calls return a buffer (area of memory) with the results. This buffer must be sized to hold the data coming back. If the data returned is larger than the size of the buffer, a buffer overflow condition occurs, and stability is threatened, if not actually compromised.
Because of this, the programmer typically tells the API function how big the buffer is - the function checks before it fills the buffer with the data, and if the buffer is undersize, the function returns an error, rather than overflowing the buffer.

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