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Event ID: 1003 Source: BINLSVC

The BINL service successfully read its settings from the directory service.
See ME891372 for a situation in which this event might occur.
From a newsgroup post: "Temporary fix: Stop the RIS service and set it up as manual until you need it , then turn it on and then off again when you don't need it. This may help or may not. But it's a workaround until MS has a patch."
See also ME284987.
“Spoke” to Microsoft about this one...  The Event seems to appear repeatedly in the Event Log and, in my case, this is a known issue (I do not know why there is no Knowledge Base article on this) that the support engineer was aware of and it is caused by running Exchange Server and RIS on the same machine. Solution recommended by Microsoft: Do not put Exchange Server and RIS on the same machine.
Microsoft PSS found an internal article that suggests turning off Exchange Monitoring on machines where this event occurs every 35 seconds. The procedure for doing this is described in ME260332.
The event is only one of the side-effects: when the BINL service reads its settings from Active Directory, it also sends a DHCP-Discover broadcast. You could therefore see a lot of background DHCP "noise" on your WAN if you have RIS running on many servers and BOOTP forwarding enabled on your routers.

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