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Event ID: 10036 Source: OfficeServerSearch

A database error occurred.

Source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
Code: <error code> occurred <number> time(s)
Description: <error description>.
Code: 6 occurred 1 time(s), Description: [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]Specified SQL server not found. - Make sure the search service account has got DBCreator role on DB server. You can remove this role once the service is started. Your normal Farm Admin service account also needs DbCreator and SecurityAdmin role.

I have read someone saying to use Named Pipes for remote connection. But this is not true it should work with TCP/IP connection as well. So in your SQL server make sure that your remote connection is enabled for either TCP/IP or Named Pipes or for both.

Make sure the DB Server name in your connection string is consistent in your farm for all other webapps, admin content config database etc etc.

Finally the solution that worked for me was that I was using "DB server name\Instance, port" as the connection string and this format of connection string uses Named Pipes. Unfortunately Named Pipes was disabled so I have to use an Alias of the DB server to use the TCP/IP connection. Also once the alias is setup for you by the DBA's you have to set it up on the MOSS server under SQL Server Client Configuration settings. You can also use server name if you are using default instance for TCP/IP.
Code: 2812 , Description: Could not find stored procedure 'dbo.Profile_GetAliasList'. According to a Microsoft document, this is a known issue and can be safely ignored.
Open Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs and Select Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Click Change and run through a "Repair". This seemed to have fixed our issue.
Code: 8144, Description: Procedure or function proc_MSS_FlushTemp0 has too many arguments specified. - We had this error with Search Administration showing a server error, crawl logs were empty and the application event log showing the 10036 event.

We found that, had applied cumulative updates KB955586, KB957693, KB958569, KB958567 to our WFE servers but not our indexing server, once we applied them to the indexing server and ran configuration wizard everything was OK.

I have a 5 servers farm and it turns out that one of the servers were not on the same patch levels as the others. I completed the following steps to resolve the problem described above:

- Ensure all servers are patched to the same level (SP1 included)
- Executed Configuration Wizard on all (This resulted in one server, SSP1, not completing correctly)
- I completed the Infrastructure Update on SSP1 (which failed to upgrade above) and reran the configuration wizard

So basically the error above is a server patch / service pack mismatch.

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