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Event ID: 1004 Source: IPMIDRV

The IPMI device driver attempted to communicate with the IPMI BMC device during normal operation. However the communication failed due to a timeout. You can increase the timeouts associated with the IPMI device driver.
Whilst configuring Dell R7nn and R9nn servers using Dell Open Manage suite with associated BMC tools, the IPMI 1004 event appears frequently during startup but is then quiescent during normal operation.

The following can be deduced.

1] The information given on the MS site appears to be valid only up to 2008R1.

MS Technet Docs suggest that one needs to alter the timeout values in


However the entire registry key

is not present in 2008R2.

Contrary to other MS info on IPMI, in 2008R2 there is no such system device as "Microsoft SMBIOS Generic IPMI Compliant Device"

There are no relevant IPMI timeout settings anywhere in the registry of 2008R2.

Information found on the net and on posted in early 2011 suggests that there is a coding error in both Dell BMC [and other OEM's Baseboard Management] drivers and in the MS WMI IPMI collector coding such that IPMI BMC management can never succeed because the driver will always time out. Dell have not updated their BMC drivers and there has been no response from MS on this issue.
According to T726977, this can be fixed by increasing the timeouts associated with the IPMI device driver (see the article for procedure).
From a Microsoft support forum: "In our case, the interface became degraded between the blade and the enclosure. Simply shutting down, reseating the blade and restarting reestablished the proper connection."

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