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Event ID: 1006 Source: WindowsSearchService

The Windows Search Service has failed to create the SystemIndex search index. Internal error <7 0x80004002 Generic Error: 141>.
The following articles may help in troubleshooting this problem:
- EV100276 (Rebuilding the Search Index in Windows Vista)
- EV100277 (Improve Windows searches using the index)
- EV100278 (Vista Indexer)
- EV100279 (How to Fix the Start Error for Windows Search Service)
This event may be recorded with various error codes / error messages that may point to the source of the problem. Following the links for the error codes may reveal additional information about the source of the problem:
- Error code 0x80004002, Generic Error: 141
- Error code 0x80070002, Failed to read registry value: DataDirectory
- Error code 0x80071a91, Failed to save Crawl Scope Manager changes - A support engineer suggested the following:
1. Please copy the followng files from a working machine:
C:\Windows\system32\KERNELBASE.dll and C:\Windows\system32\SearchIndexer.exe
2. Please test if this issue still occurs from the safe mode.
3. Does this issue still occur event if we reset the catalog to a small folder?
- Error code 0x8004117f, Failed to add project:... - A support engineer provided the following fix:
1. Check the following services and ensure that they are all started automatically.
Cryptographic Services
Windows Search Service
2. Rebuild the Index.
- Open the Control Panel.
- In the Instant Search box, type Index.
- Click on Indexing Options.
- Click on Run as Administrator and allow the privileges.
- Click on Advanced, then Rebuild.
3.Uninstall and reinstall Windows Search Feature.
- Click Start and type: features in the Start Search box.
- Click on “Turn Windows Features on or off” and open it.
- Uncheck the box in front of Windows Search.
- Restart the machine.
- Delete the folder: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search.
- Then repeat step 1) and 2).
- Re-check the box in front of Windows Search.
- Restart the machine again.
Now see if the index works correctly. If the issue persists, please continue the step.
3. Modify the following registry and change the value data.
- Press Win + R keys to open a run box.
- Type: regedit and press Enter.
v Navigate to the following path:
- Change the value to 0.
- Restart the machine.
Error code 0x80070005, Failed to add project:...

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