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Event ID: 1009 Source: Perflib

The Open Procedure for service <service name> in DLL <dll name> generated an exception. Performance data for this service will not be available. Exception code returned is DWORD 0.
- Service: COMTIPerf, dll: comtiperf.dll - According to Microsoft this event appears because the COM Transaction Integrator (COMTI) performance-measuring software is not compatible with third-party performance measuring services, such as HP MeasureWare or Performance SeNTry. See ME258993 to resolve this issue.
- Service: DB_NT_Performance, dll: DB2Perf.dll - See ME271556.
As per Microsoft: "One possible cause for this behavior is that DLLs associated with performance monitor have hung. The problem was traced to link monitors running against the Exchange Server computer. Reboot all servers that have the link monitors running against the Exchange Server computer. After the servers have been rebooted, the errors should stop appearing in the Event Viewer". See ME174690 and ME828603 for more details.
This error can be generated by any application (service) that has performance counters implemented. It is logged when the Open Procedure of the performance extension dll encounters an unhandled exception. This is usually due to an unexpected error condition encountered by the open procedure.

Here are some of the reported services / dlls:
- Service: bh DLL: bhmon.dll - bh is the name of the "Network Monitor Agent" (derived from its code name "Bloodhound")
- Service: FileReplicaConn DLL: ntfrsprf.dll

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