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Event ID: 101 Source: WUSyncService

Software Update Services encountered a failure during synchronization.

View the synchronization log on this server for details of what failed during synchronization. To view the synchronization log, go to the Software Update Services Admin Web site (http://<YourServerName>/SUSAdmin), and click the View synchronization log link. (Error <error code>: <error description>)

User Action
Try synchronizing the server again to see if the error occurs again. To synchronize the server, go to the Software Update Services Admin Web site, and click the Synchronize server link. Then click the Synchronize Now button.

Additional Data
The most common reason for failed synchronization is incorrect proxy server configuration. If you are using a proxy server, please confirm your configuration by going to the Software Update services Admin Web site and clicking the Set options link. Confirm your configuration in
the results pane.

For troubleshooting information, see the Microsoft Software Update Services Deployment Guide
- Error: 0x80072EFD = Unable to connect to the server - Double check the settings in the "Set Options" page, the proxy settings, IP address of your proxy, authentication, etc. In my case these were misspelled. After I corrected them the problem disappeared.
- Error code: 0x80070003 = The system cannot find the path specified - In my case, this was caused by a bad installation of SUS. I uninstalled SUS then reinstalled it and all was ok after that.
I found that by changing the system account that ran the service of SUS (in the services control panel) and changed it to a user account that had access, this allowed SUS to go through my proxy. The system account(which is chosen by default when you install SUS) was not allowed through my firewall.
See the WUSyncService F.A.Q. and Software Update Services Deployment White Paper.
Various reported error codes and descriptions:
- 0x80072EE7, The server name could not be resolved by DNS - no info
- 0x80072EFD, Unable to connect to the server - From a newsgroup post, you need to configure the proxy settings in SUS for localhost and port 8080.
- 0x80190193, HTTP error 403. Access denied by server or proxy. - From a newsgroup post: "This error is typically returned by the proxy/firewall (in this case the ISA server) and is indicative of not having the authentication set up correctly, or not having the credentials for authentication set up correctly in SUS Admin Options page. I believe that SUS only uses basic authentication, so you might want to check that on the ISA server."
- 0x800B0004, The subject is not trusted for the specified action. - no info

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