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Event ID: 1010 Source: Winlogon

Automatic enrollment against the certification authority "MY_DOMAIN_NAME" for a certificate of type DomainController has failed. (<error code>) <error description>.
. Another certification authority will be tried.
Error: 0x80094001 - The request subject name is invalid or too long. See ME275528.
Error: 0x80090020 - An internal error occurred. See ME313494. Solved by SP3.
I had this same problem on a Windows 2000 backup domain controller. The primary domain controller was also Windows 2000. I was unable to resolve it with any of the suggestions posted, so I placed a call to Microsoft. It turned out that at one time, I had a Certificate Authority (CA) installed on my system which no longer existed. When my new backup domain controller tried to authenticate with the AD, it would re-direct it to the non-existent CA. To remove an enterprise CA, I followed the instructions in ME889250. Since my CA was already gone, and what was left existed in AD only, I needed to follow steps 6 and on to clean up the AD. It is important to note that you will need the Microsoft Resource Kit for you Server OS. I have not experienced the errors since.
Some users suggested that installing the hotfix referenced by ME829589 helped them to resolve this problem.

See Error code 1722 and Error code 0x800706BA for information on error "The RPC server is unavailable".
This error appeared on a Domain Controller attempting to renew its certificate with an existing CA. The CA was running and was accessible by all other systems on the domain. The DC could ping the CA but neither server could initiate a TCP session with the other. Packet capture showed only ISAKMP traffic between the two boxes. Stopping the "IPSEC Policy Agent" service on the DC allowed the boxes to communicate (no restrictive IPSEC policies were set on the domain).
Error: 0x80004005 = MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED or E_FAIL is a General unspecified failure, the method or call did not succeed and indicates failure. I saw mention of database being corrupt.

Error code: 0x800706ba - The RPC server is unavailable. Happens when a computer (A) providing the certificate at the root level is offline. Then, the domain controller is unable to obtain a personnal certificate. How to fix it : switch on the computer (A), or import the certificates exported previously.

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