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Event ID: 1011 Source: POP3SVC

Authentication attempt from '<IP Aadress of client machine>' to '<user logon name>' has failed with error <error code>.
- Error code: 0x52e - This error translates to ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE. See MSEX2K3DB for more details.
-  Error code: 0x532 - This error code stands for logon failure, the specified account password has expired.
- Error code: 0x775 - See ME924244.
- Error code: 0x3f0 - As per Microsoft: "This problem occurs because for each registered sink, one session object and one logon object are created in Exchange 2000 Server. If the information store contains a large number of mailboxes, the Information Store service may take a longer time to start, or it may run out of sessions. The information store can contain a maximum of 65, 536 session objects". See ME812704 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server. Also, see Error code 0x3F0 for details about this error.
- Error code: 0x2afc - I had this error because my Front-End was not able to resolve the FQDN of the back-end servers. Even the DNS Servers were not able to resolve the FQDN. I checked the DNS and recreated entries for the back-end servers. Also, adding the FQDN and the IP to the hosts-file solved the problem.
This event can also be triggered when the userís password has expired.

This also happens if you have a front-end/back-end setup and the mailstores are not mounted on the back-end server.
Error code 0x52e is decimal for 1326. See the link for this error code.
This error occurs if the pre-windows 2000 logon name is different to the Exchange alias. Can be overcome by logging in the POP server using DOMAIN\Pre-win2K logon name\exchange alias. See ME296387.

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