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Event ID: 1012 Source: WindowsProductActivation

Due to hardware or product key changes on this computer you must reactivate your Windows product.
In one case, a new type of SCSI adapter was installed as a secondary SCSI adapter in a computer that was running Windows 2003, which had been activated. A Ghost image was then taken of the computer and put onto another computer that only had the new type of SCSI adapter installed. When this computer was restarted, the event and a message were displayed saying that there were 3 days left to active Windows.

Note: It is best practice to Activate Windows 2003/XP on a computer before taking an image of it; otherwise, if the Windows activation time has expired (30 days), when the image is restored to a computer, Windows will not allow you to logon until you activate Windows. In addition, if you want to activate Windows over the Internet at this point, your Internet connections had better be correct because you are not able to logon to configure them. You cannot logon in Safe Mode with Network Support. You can logon in Safe Mode (without Network Support) but this does not allow you to configure networking.

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