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Event ID: 1013 Source: MsiInstaller

Product: <product name> -- <error message>.
Product: Splunk Enterprise - This message is recorded if you attempt to install Splunk (SIEM solution) on Windows 2003. Splunk requires minimum Windows 2008.
- Product: Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, error: "You have not entered a valid Product Key. Please check the number located on the sticker on the back of the CD case or on your Certificate of Authenticity" - See ME938446.
- Product: SoftGrid Virtual Application Server, error: "The installation program was unable to create the Microsoft Internet Information Service virtual directory required. The operation complete successfully" - See ME931625.
- Product: SoftGrid Virtual Application Server, error: "The installation program was unable to perform a required operation on the file %ProgramFiles%\Softricity\SoftGrid Management Service\SftMgmt.udl. Access is denied" - See ME930959.
- Product: Microsoft ISA Server 2004, error: "Setup failed while registering ISA Server Filters" - See ME924146.
- Product: Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine, error: "Setup failed to configure the server" - As per Microsoft: "This error message occurs when you install MSDE 2000 on a computer that has Certificate Server installed. If Certificate Server is installed on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows 2000, and the Certificate Authority (CA) name is the same as or starts with the machine host name, your MSDE 2000 setup will fail". See ME317328 and ME302409 for more information. Also check ME324998 for information about installing MSDE 2000.
- Product: Symantec AntiVirus - See the link to "Symantec Knowledge Base Document ID: 2004102007570448" for details on this problem.
- Product: MS SQL Server Desktop Engine, error: “Setup requires strong sa password” - I got this error while trying to upgrade MSDE to SP4. In the SP4 help file (ReadmeSql2k32desksp4.htm) I found this: "The MSDE 2000 SP4 Setup does not install a new instance of MSDE 2000 unless you specify a strong sa password. Use the SAPWD parameter to specify the strong sa password. The MSDE 2000 SP4 Setup does not upgrade an existing instance of MSDE 2000 unless you assign a strong password to the sa login. You must assign a strong password to the sa login, even when you upgrade an existing instance, unless the application that uses your instance of MSDE depends in some way on a null sa password. Even if the instance of MSDE 2000 uses Windows Authentication, sa login immediately becomes active if the instance is switched to Mixed Mode Authentication. A null, blank, simple, or well-known sa password is vulnerable to use for unauthorized access. If you need to assign a strong sa password before you upgrade your instance of MSDE 2000 to MSDE 2000 SP4, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article ME322336”.
- Product: The Regulator 2.0, error message: "This advertised application will not be installed because it might be unsafe. Contact your administrator to change the installation user interface option of the package to basic" - The Regulator program was partially installed. Under the Add and Remove Programs it was listed as a currently installed program. I simply uninstalled it and then ran the setup installer again. It works great.
- Product: MS SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine - I got this error when I tried to install MS SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine. The install process could not finish the installation. Three months ago I uninstalled a MS SQL Instance and the uninstall process leaved some registry keys. After I used the workaround in ME320873 on how to manually remove a MS SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000) instance, the problem was resolved.

- Product: Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Workgroup Edition, error message: "The product key supplied is invalid" - See ME891600.
If this issue occurs when you try to install Windows SharePoint Services, see ME833183 for information on how to fix this problem.

From a newsgroup post: "I had encountered this problem when I tried to install AC2000. I discovered that the MDAC stuff that comes with AC2k SP1 was not happy on my Win 2K SP2 servers. I downloaded the latest MDAC from Microsoft, installed it, and then AC2k installed without a problem".
I was getting this message in the event log when opening certain Visio files. When trying to open those files, Visio would just shutdown no warning boxes, no errors, it would just disappear. The event log message that I was getting was for "Cross Functional.dll”. I changed its name to "Cross Functional.dll.old" and the files opened fine.

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