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Event ID: 1017 Source: DhcpServer

The DHCP server encountered the following error while Backing up the registry configuration: <error message>
Error message: "The system cannot find the path specified." - This may occur if the default directory <WinNT_root>\System32\Dhcp was not present before Microsoft DHCP Server service was installed. The Microsoft DHCP Server service installation process will not check for this directory, nor create it if it is missing. See ME173040.

Error message: "Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service." - no info
Error message: "Access denied." - no info
Error message: "The parameter is incorrect." - no info.
Experianced this problem on several Windows 2000 servers. Was a result of Anti-Virus (InocuLan 4.0 at that time). Disabled InocuLan and the problem was resolved. We still exclude the %SystemRoot%\WINNT\System32\DHCP directory as a result (using eTrus InocuLateIT 6.0).
Error message: "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable." - One of the files in the dhcp folder is corrupted, in my case it was the "DhcpCfg" file in the %systemroot%\system32\dhcp\backup folder. Here what you do:
1. Stop the dhcp service and set it to disabled.
2. Back up the dhcp folder (%SystemRoot%\System32\Dhcp) as much as you could -- you definitely need to back up dhcp.mdb file – and the registry file located at: (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DhcpServer\Configuration).
3. Uninstall DHCP.
4. Delete the dhcp folder and its all files and subdirectories (if the corrupted files is not deleting, try to delete it under “windows safe mode” and then restart normally
5. Install the DHCP.
6. Stop DHCP service.
7. Copy the registry key that you backed up in step 2 into the registry.
8. Delete all the contents and subdirectories of dhcp folder (don’t worry they’ll be recreated once you start the service again)
9. Copy the dhcp.mdp that you backed up in step 2 to the dhcp folder.
10. Start the dhcp service.
11. Authorize the dhcp server from the dhcp console.
Happened to me when I ran out of Virtual memory, adding more RAM solved the problem

Error message: "%%20013" - The server had a high memory usage. A reboot fixed the problem.

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