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Event ID: 102 Source: FolderRedirection

Failed to perform redirection of folder My Documents. The files for the redirected folder could not be moved to the new location. The folder is configured to be redirected to \\Appserv\UnitedWay\%username%. Files were being moved from \\AppServ\Home\mariehavice\My Documents to \\Appserv\UnitedWay\mariehavice. The following error occurred:
<error description>
- Error: "Access is denied" - This problem occurs at logon to a user account that is configured to use Folder Redirection. The user account does not have the correct NT permissions to read a file or folder that is being redirected to. Logon as an Administrator and give the user Full Control permission of the redirected folder for the user.
- Error: "The security descriptor structure is invalid" - If the problem persists although the permissions were all set to the recommended settings, then move the locally stored files to the server by hand as intended in the folder redirection policy, (e.g. from "\Documents and settings\UserName\My Documents" to "\\server\UserName") and be sure that the source files are deleted afterwards.
- Error: "The security descriptor structure is invalid" - This behavior will occur if the permissions on the folder redirection destination are too restrictive. See "JSI Tip 9003" to solve the problem.
- Error: "Access is denied" - Sometimes there is not only a NTFS Security wrong configuration, but what you will find is that the Folder Redirection Policy on the "Settings" tab is set to copy/move the users current icons, etc. to the new location. If you have denied write permissions to the new re-directed folder, you will get an "Access Denied" error. You can just disable the "copy to new location" option and the problem will disappear.
- Error: "The security descriptor structure is invalid" - See ME888205 to resolve this problem.

Error: "The security descriptor structure is invalid." - I had this event when trying to use a hidden share as the redirected location (\\servername\Share$), however had input the Group Policy Folder Redirection path without the "$" (\\servername\Share). Also of note, if share name is along these lines: \\servername\Share$\Documents$ (a hidden share within a hidden share), entering this path in Group Policy will not work and "cannot find network path" errors occur in workstation event logs. In this case, Group Policy Folder Redirection path must be entered as \\servername\Documents$ for it to work successfully.

Events 101 and 102 can be resolved by insuring that the proper Share level and NTFS permissions are in force on the shared  directory. Read the Folder Redirection Tips and Tricks section of the link below.

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