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Event ID: 1020 Source: Userenv

Windows cannot create registry key <registry key>. (The parameter is incorrect. ).
When you have this issue, logons on the server in question take a long time or do not happen at all.
Check to make sure the Domain Controller is only publishing one IP address by doing an nslookup using the DCs FQDM. If it is a multi-homed server, the DC will register all its NICs in DNS, and if some of these NICs/IPs are not accessible to the other servers in the domain that use the DC for logons, you will get the 1020 error as well as other Userenv errors like 1509, 1504, 1506, 1511. The easiest way to resolve this issue is to add just the right hostname and IP to the problem system's host file or you can use the MS fix ME246804. This MS fix will show you how to disable dynamic registration of the additional unwanted NICs/IPs on your DC.
See Error code 87 for a generic description of the "The parameter is incorrect." error.

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