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Event ID: 1023 Source: IMAP4SVC

Error <error code> occurred while rendering message <message id> for download for user <user email>.
In my case, the issue was related to a journaling account we use to archive messages. The fix was to simply attach the mailbox to our local Outlook. Open up the Inbox, and delete the two stuck messages (both were meeting requests).
Error code 0x7da - From a support forum:
I have been battling this issue for several weeks! and here is how I resolved the issue:
(Notice: use at your own risk - especially when using MFCMAPI)
1. Download MFCMAPI from Microsoft (its free - used to be call MAPI Editor)
2. Open the Mailbox in question (use an Outlook profile to control which mailbox is open) with MFCMAPI by doing this:
- Session > Log on and Display table > Choose the correct profile as mentioned above
- Double-click the mailbox (new window opens) > expand the Root mailbox > Expand IPM_Subtree
- Double-click desire folder (new window opens) > Now you should see all the items in this folder
- Find the offending message (the "Instance key" field contains the message ID reported in the event viewer)
- Right-click the offending message and select delete message
Error code 0x7da: From a support forum: "The error means "ecMessageNotRenderable". Emails in Exchange Information Store can be saved in Rich Text format, which is the format used in MAPI. In order to be transferred via POP3/IMAP4, the email should be converted to MIME. In case Exchange failed to render the message into the RFC822 standard for Internet text messages, the error 1023 with code 0x7da will be logged in application log.

Please kindly refer to the ME329168 article for this issue: Error When You Open a Message with a POP3 E-Mail Client

Theoretically we can remove the problematic item in the user's mailbox to eliminate this error. However, it's not easy to locate the message with the ID 0001-0000001cded6. In this condition, I suggest we try to fix this issue by moving the user's mailbox to another Mailbox store (store in different storage group preferred). During mailbox move, Exchange will scan all items in the mailbox and remove any corrupted one.

After moved the mailbox, please ask the user to access mailbox and check if the error disappeared. If the issue persists, please try to exam the entire mailbox store with utility Isinteg. Isinteg is a tool which can check an offline mailbox store and fix any integrity issue in application level.

In addition, please also refer to ME284271 regarding the issue if the above methods cannot solve the issue: POP3SRV Event ID 1023 with Multiple Services in Profile.
See Event ID 1022 Source POP3 Connector about Exchange 2003 not downloading certain file types.
- Error code 0x80040108 - See EV100137 (a link to "Symantec Support Document ID:2004070808432354") for details on this issue.
- Error code 0x8004050a - See ME892397 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.

As per Microsoft: "This is an occasional timing error caused by not locking the mailbox during use. This can be safely ignored unless these errors occur frequently. By default, this rule is disabled". See MSEX2K3DB for additional information on this event.

- Error code 0x80004004 = "Operation aborted" - no additional info
- Error code 0x80040305 = "MAPI_E_TOO_BIG" - From a newsgroup post: "I have seen this issue before which was related to Online Zeroing of Databases was enabled on the storage
group. Check on the properties of your storage group to see if yours is also
checked or not (this option is unchecked by default). If it is, uncheck this option and restart the Information Store.
- Error code 0x8004050a = "MAPI_E_WAIT" - From a newsgroup post: "Log into the mailbox with a MAPI client (Outlook) and look for messages that may not be getting downloaded with IMAP. Delete these and try downloading again."
In one case, the problem appeared to be caused by an email message with malformed HTML content. Any attempt to download the message (including MAPI and OWA) failed and the IMAP service would failed as soon as there was an attempt to access that message. A server restart was required after the failure. We ended up deleting the entire mailbox and recreating it.
- Error code 0x80070057 = "MAPI_E_INVALID_PARAMETER" - no additional info
- Error code 0x800ccee09 - no info

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