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Event ID: 1025 Source: MSExchangeISPrivate

An error occurred. Function name of description of problem: <problem>: Error: <error code>
- Problem/Error code: EcGenerateNRN: 0xfffff9bb - See ME268831.
- Problem/Error code: EcGenerateReadReport: 0xfffff9bb - See ME268831.
- Problem/Error code: EcGenerateReadReport: 1244 - As per Microsoft: "This problem occurs when the maximum size paged of non-paged pool that can be allocated by one process has been limited on the Microsoft Exchange Server computer". See ME153480 for more details.
- Problem/Error code: <various>: 0x8004011b - See ME319929.

See ME324318 for more details on this warning. It provides information on how to migrate from Exchange Server 5.5 to Exchange 2000 by using the In-Place upgrade method.

See ME316886 if you just performed an Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 upgrade.
Use the Error.exe utility on the Exchange Server CD in the Support\Utils\Platform folder to determine what error code means.

Error code 0x4dd/ (decimal 1245) can be find in ec.h file as ecShutoffQuotaExceeded and in winerror.h file as ERROR_NOT_LOGGED_ON. It means "The operation being requested was not performed because the user has not logged on to the network. The specified service does not exist."
Problem/Error code: EcTestMsgRestriction:0x8004011b.
Problem/Error code: EcProcessSearchMessageEvent:0x8004011b. The Error code 0x8004011b (CdoE_CORRUPT_DATA or MAPI_E_CORRUPT_DATA see ME185136 and ME246076) is a signal to run ISINTEG utility against the PRIV.EDB.
Problem/Error code: EcProcessSearchMessageEvent:0xfffffeab  - Not a fix but may help - every time Trend antivirus wall sends a notify to the sender of a mail to warn him he has a virus, I get the mail in the administrator's mailbox with adress unknown and 2 events in the application event log.
Problem/Error code: EcGetRestriction:0x57a - See ME183400.

This message can be generated in several circumstances. Check the links below.
Problem/Error code: EcGenerateNRN:0x8004011b - Corrupt Data - Try running ISINTEG. See ME254576
Problem/Error code: EcGenerateNRN:0x8004010f - MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND - See ME152926
Problem/Error code: EcDoDeliverMessage:0x4dd  - no info
Problem/Error code: EcCreateLink:0xfffffeab - no info

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