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Event ID: 1034 Source: ClusDisk

The disk associated with cluster disk resource <drive letter> could not be found. The expected signature of the disk was <disk signature>.
See ME886800 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

According to Microsoft the event occurs either if a disk has become unavailable or inaccessible (therefore, the Cluster service cannot find it), or if the signature on the disk has been changed. See ME280425 and ME293778 to fix this problem.

ME305793 gives information on how to replace a disk that is on a Windows 2000 or a Windows 2003 Server Cluster.

See the links to "MS Cluster Server Troubleshooting and Maintenance", "Troubleshooting Quorum Resource Problems", and "The Quorum Resource is on an Inaccessible or Nonfunctioning Disk" for additional information on this event.
From a newsgroup post: "The cluster disk driver was not able to find a disk with this signature. The disk may be offline or may have failed. This error may also occur if the drive has been replaced, reformatted, or is currently mounted and reserved by another server cluster node. This error may also occur if the node cannot join an existing cluster where the disk is already mounted. Therefore, this error may be a result of a communication problem or a problem joining an existing cluster. There may not actually be anything actually wrong with the disk".

If a hard disk is replaced, or the bus is reenumerated, the Cluster service may not find the expected disk signatures, and consequently may fail to mount the disk. See the link to "Cluster disk and drive connection problems" to solve this problem.

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