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Event ID: 1040 Source: MSExchangeMU

Metabase Update Failed replication 5 times with error 80070003
(The system cannot find the path specified). Please change the diagnostic logging level of MSExchangeMU to 'minimum or greater to find the source of the problem.
See MSEX2K3DB for some known causes of this event.
ME839744 helped me to resolve this problem on Exchange Server 2003.
Error code 800cc801 = "Data not found" - no additional information
Error code 8004090a = "Class not implemented" - no additional information

Error code 80070490 = "Element not found." - From a newsgroup post: When I change logging level of MSExchangeMU to Maximum I'm receiving event ID: 1033, Source ExchangeMU, Text: The default recipient policy cannot be found. SMTP virtual servers and HTTP-DAV virtual servers and virtual directories will not work properly." Update the Default Policy (using Exchange System Manager-> Recipients-> Recipient Policies-> Default Policy).
If it is already configured, please use the steps below to update it:
1) Right click this Recipient Policy, and click Apply Now.
2) In Exchange System Manager, expand Recipients, Recipient Update Services.
3) Right click Recipient Update Service (Enterprise Configuration), click
Rebuild; then right click Recipient Update Service (Enterprise
Configuration), click Update Now
4) Repeat step 2 for "Recipient Update Services (domain)".

However, if there is no Default Recipient Policy, please refer to the ME249299 article to create one Default Recipient Policy.

Error code 80070005 = "Access is denied." - From a newsgroup post: "If you promoted this server from member to Domain Controller or vice versa, you may be running in an unsupported scenario (Metabase Update Service stops after you demote an Exchange Server 2003 Domain Controller to a member server ."

See some generic suggestions about "Access denied" by following the link to Error code 5.
Error code 80070003 = "The system cannot find the path specified" - The error appeared after upgrading Exchange 2000SP1 to Exchange 2000 Enterprise SP3. Microsoft support gave us the following solution:
- Backup the Metabase
- Stop the Msexchangesa
- Using Metaedit delete the DS2MB key
- Using Metaedit delete the SMTPSVC/1/domain key
- Restart the Msexchangesa

The keys in the metabase are automatically regenerated after starting msexchangesa. This solved our problem.

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