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Event ID: 1049 Source: BINLSVC

The BINL service encountered an error from the <dns name> directory service while attempting to modify a DS record. The error code is in the record data.
I had the same problem, but after inspecting the RIS configuration I found out that the creation point for computer accounts within Active Directory was wrong, it pointed to a none existing OU.
I think this may be a bug in the RIS Service, but I am not sure. I couldn't find a whole lot on the web. What happens is the client connects to the ris service, starts to install, but after you pick your OS to install and hit enter to erase all the data, the install hangs. I turned on the debug mode on the RIS Server and tried it again. I then checked the BINLSVC log and it appeared to be hanging on the machine name generation. So, I changed the RIS Server to name the machine some preprogrammed name instead of custom, stopped and started the service and then it worked. I could install the client. Microsoft article ME236033 shows how to turn on debug mode.

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