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Event ID: 105 Source: FTPSVC

The server was unable to register the administration tool discovery information. The administration tool may not be able to see this server. The data is the error code.
0000: c6 04 00 00
I managed to solve the problem on my server by simply removing all network adapters and re-installing then again. Apparently there was a "hidden" adapter occupying the same IP address in the hardware list. Use divice manager or hardware wizard to remove adapter/s and to re-install.
See the comments for this type of message posted for event id 105 from W3SVC and SMTPSVC. Data code 04c6 means "The network is not present or not started.".
Microsoft suggests the reinstallation of the NetBIOS interface - see ME240779.
The comments by Microsoft are somewhat misleading with regards to event 105. This event will be triggered by four services (w3svc, smtpsvc, nntpsvc and msftpsvc) once every three minutes after you install IIS 5 or any of its components on a w2k server on which the NetBIOS over IP service has been disabled. The problem, however, is that just about every security consulting group AND Microsoft tell you to disable the NetBIOS over IP in w2k as it is a) no longer needed and b) a security threat. W2K and IIS 5 work perfectly fine even if NetBIOS is turned off; however, your event log will overflow with these 105 events.
Simply open the properties tab of the Local Area Connection tab on the server which hosts IIS 5 and remove the check from the box besides "Client for Microsoft Networks". W2k will now work just fine.
Disabling the "Client for Microsoft Networks" is acceptable if you don't need to access network resources from that server by using SMB client.

I believe this relates to ME254525.

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