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Event ID: 1050 Source: IMABrowserSS

Legacy servers detected on UDP network. Browser will stop responding to broadcast browser packets from the client in UDP network.
This error may show up if you start Citrix Server Administrator utility on the MF XP server in the pure MF XP farm. This will cause your data collector server to shut down the UDP listener and PN clients configured for TCP/IP only will not be able to locate the server. Clients using TCP/IP+HTTP setting will still operate. Resolution is to restart IMA service on data collector or reboot the data collector. Remember always use Citrix Management Console to manage your farm.
I fixed the problem by running “dsmaint recreatelhc”. I rebooted all the servers and the error did not come back.
Metaframe XP Server detects that only legacy-servers (native-mode) are available in the network and the settings in the CMC are set NOT to respond to ICA-Client Broadcasts.
I suspect this message was caused by having a test MetaFrame 1.8 server running simultaneously with Citrix XP 1.0 Servers. Only appeared once on Win2k w/Citrix XP 1.0 server; no confirmation of cause.
From a newsgroup post: "I contacted Citrix on this matter and the only thing they could suggest is to add the IP address and FQDN of the MF server to the \WINNT\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts file."

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