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Event ID: 1052 Source: Clussvc

Cluster network name resource "ResourceName" could not be brought online because the name could not be added to the system.
As per Microsoft: "Check the system event log for errors. Check the network adapter configuration and operation. Check the TCP/IP configuration and name resolution methods. Check the WINS servers for possible database problems or static mappings that are not valid". See the link to "Windows Cluster Service Troubleshooting and Maintenance" to download the original white paper.
See the link to "EventID 1052 from source Cluster Service Clussvc" for details on this event.
ME217199 might help you to solve this problem.
I received this event, 1052, along with an event id 1069, with the exact symptoms as published in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - ME257903. However, although the symptoms were identical, the resolve had nothing to do with WINS or Kerberos changes.

I was running Win2k Advanced Server, SP2 in a 2 node active/active configuration. This cluster was also running SQL 2000. When I attempted fail over, it did not occur and took my Cluster Name Resource offline, never to return. As a result, neither node in the cluster could assume the resource and as such other services such as SQL Server could not be brought online.

The fix, you must create a DNS Reverse Name Lookup Zone on the DNS Server, for the network the servers use. We run private address VLAN's based on application, and we make the third octet of the IP address the same as the VLAN. We simply created a reverse lookup zone for this VLAN, flushed and refreshed DNS on the servers, and immediately we were able to bring the failed resource(s) back online. We were told by Microsoft that this was the result of a timing issue, and that SP3 corrected this problem.

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