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Event ID: 106 Source: WMIxWDM

Machine Check Event reported is a corrected error.
Disabling hypertreading in bios solved the problem on our Dell PowerEdge.
This event records a CPU malfunction, reported by the hardware or firmware. See WITP82678 for some suggestions on how to solve this problem.
As per Microsoft: "A hardware error was resolved by your system. The type of error cannot be determined because the error record returned by the firmware is not in the required format. For detailed information about the hardware that caused the problem, refer to the event log". See MSW2KDB, ME889249, and ME895560 for details on fixing this problem.
We saw a similar issue with a Dell PE 6650 (Quad processors). The server passed all the Dell diagnostic tests but it was still felt that there maybe an issue with a processor. The server was booted trying each processor individually until the faulty one was found. Replacing the faulty processor resolved the issue.
In my case, a bad RAM module caused the problem. Replacing the module fixed this problem. Note that I ran a couple of programs to check the memory and none had shown any errors. Nevertheless, the RAM module caused the problem.

In my case, this warning was followed many times the previous error (source: WMIxWDM, Event ID: 107). On Windows Server 2003 the error id 107 was caused by a defective CPU (processor); replacing the CPU solved the problem.

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