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Event ID: 1069 Source: FailoverClustering

Cluster resource "<resource name>" in clustered service or application "<service\application name>" failed.
This event will be logged if one of the following actions was taken:
- There was a change to the shared folders that prevents access by the SYSTEM account.
- The shared folder was deleted or changed.

The troubleshooting approach depends on the cause of the problem. See ME2276768 for details.
After I switched from using NIC#2 to using NIC#1 for my public IP address on an HP DL365 the IP Address resource in the File Server application would fail and not come back on-line. To fix the issue I had to disable NIC#2 (the one I was using) and then disable the Windows firewall and then enable the Windows firewall via control panel. After doing so the IP Address resource in the File Server application came back on-line.
After I renamed a shared folder on my Windows 2008 File Cluster the File Service, the resource would not come online. All other resources where online. I then renamed it back to the previous shared folder name and the resource came back online. I have to assume that if I would have used the Share and Storage Management tool than this issue would not have happened.
GUID partition table (GPT) disks in a Windows Server 2003 server cluster are not migrated to a Windows Server 2008 failover cluster when you use the "Migrate a Cluster" wizard because the way that GPT disk GUIDs are handled was changed in Windows Server 2008. In Windows Server 2003, the GUID was a hash. However, in Windows Server 2008, the GUID is not a hash. See ME947711 for more information on this issue.

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