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Event ID: 107 Source: FolderRedirection

Failed to perform redirection of folder <folder name>. The folder is configured to be redirected from <old folder path> to <new folder path>. The following error occurred: <error description>
Error: The specified path is invalid - The path which the error refers to, can be the destination path but also the source path. In my case this error occurred during a migration, the home directories were manually moved to another server, so the source path did not longer exist. By recreating the source path and letting folder redirection move the home directories, the error went away. After all folders were redirected correctly the source path/server could be decommissioned.
- Error: "Cannot create a file when that file already exists" - This issue occurs because a new folder is created when the user logs on for the first time by using the new user name on any computer on which the user has not logged on before. Therefore, when the user logs on to a computer on which he or she previously logged on before the name change, the existing folder for the user profile cannot be renamed to the new user name. This condition causes the folder redirection process to fail. See ME953529 for information on solving this problem.
Error: "Access is denied." - Usually this error would mean that the user does not have access rights to <new folder path>. Check the ACLs on the share and the folder.

In exceptional circumstances it is also possible for files that contain information about a previous user's folder redirection to be created in the "C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows\File Deployment" folder. In this case, any folder redirection settings for the current user in Group Policy will be ignored, and the settings from the previous user will come into effect. If the current user does not have access rights for the previous user's folder redirection, this error will be created.

For example, if the previous user was set up to redirect My Documents to "\\server\share\%username%", and the settings got saved in the Default User folder, and the current user does not have access to "\\server\share\$username%", this error will pop up and no folder redirection will occur. The solution is to delete any files from the "C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows\File Deployment" folder.

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