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Event ID: 107 Source: WMIxWDM

Machine Check Event reported is a fatal error.
This event records a CPU malfunction, reported by the hardware or firmware. See WITP82678 to solve this problem.
As per Microsoft: "A nonrecoverable hardware error caused the hardware to fail. The type of error cannot be determined because the error record returned by the firmware is not in the required format. For detailed information about the hardware that caused the problem, refer to the event log". See MSW2KDB and ME889249 for details on fixing this problem.
My problem was with a server locking up several times a day. I have a Tyan MB with dual IDE HDDs running Microsoft ISA on a Win2k3 platform. After I enabled “write caching” on the disks, my problem seems to be resolved.
Please see the "The Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation Extensions to the Windows Driver Model" article regarding the WMIxWMD.

This article helped me troubleshoot an issue I was having with this:
Event Notifications—Event notification is a key feature of the WMI extensions, allowing drivers to detect hardware events and/or errors. An event can then be passed to the WMI for corrective action based on the specific event that occurred. For example, a disk driver has an abnormally high amount of disk write/read errors, and it sends an event notification to a disk management utility. As another example, a Network Interface Card (NIC) detects the loss of Ethernet signal and sends notification to a consumer of management data that is watching for events that affect the network.

My onboard NIC is a 100/1000MB card & my switch is a 10/100MB switch. My NIC was set to auto negotiate. Once I set it to 100MBfdx my WMIxWDM notifications went away.
In my case it turned out it was caused by a defective CPU - after changing the CPU the error no longer occured.

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