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Event ID: 107 Source: WUSyncService

Software Update Services failed to load some configuration information. Examples of configuration information include: proxy server configuration, content location, and client locales to support. Because not all configuration information was loaded successfully, the default settings will be used instead.

User Action
To confirm your configuration, go to the Software Update Services Admin Web site (http://<YourServerName>/SUSAdmin), and click the Set options link.

Additional Data
One or more errors occurred while loading the settings file "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\autoupdate\dictionaries\settings.txt". (Error 0x80070057: The parameter is incorrect.)

For more information about administering a server running Software Update Services and for a list of the default values, see the Microsoft Software Update Services Deployment Guide (
This problem can occur because WSUS jobs remain in the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) transfer queue. See ME920649 to fix this problem.
See ME892311 for a hotfix applicable to Microsoft Software Update Services, version 1.0.
From the Microsoft Software Update Services FAQ:
Q. I see frequent warning logs, such as event ID 107, due to Synchronization Service in the System event log. What should I do to prevent this?
A. This is not an error. The Synchronization Service works properly and you should be able to carry out the SUS administration tasks as usual. This warning message means that Synchronization Service could not load the configuration settings during a reboot.

See also Software Update Services Deployment White Paper.
I get this error as soon as I install SUS on W2K server and start it after first configuration. Error seems not to depend on W2K, or IIS or any other configuration. As I have found out, it is caused by "ProxyPort, 80" parameter, found in file "I:\SUS\vroot\autoupdate\dictionaries\settings.txt". If parameter is set to a number, like "ProxyPort, 80" or "ProxyPort, 88", etc., this error is produced. If parameter is not set, so there is no anything "ProxyPort, " and comma, then error error 0x80020005 "Type mismatch." is generated. The errors appear when (re)starting "Software Updates Services" service. I think this warning if quite imporntant, as by its description service defaults to some internal configuration values, which are possibly does not fit administration needs.
According to a Microsoft online support person - this is a known problem (bug) that doesn't have any bad side effects.

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