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Event ID: 108 Source: ESE97

MSExchangeDS (1320) The database engine is initiating recovery steps.
See ME242063 for a specific situation in which this event might occur.
As per Microsoft: "This behavior can occur when the Information Store stops abnormally and the Eseutil.exe hard repair option (/P) is run against the Priv.edb file to return it to a state in which it can be started. In addition, the previous transaction log files were deleted, as recommended in the Eseutil dialog box, but hard repair was not run against the Pub.edb file".See ME185577, ME190440 and ME275602 to fix this problem.
A Microsoft Exchange Server database is considered consistent only after it has been shut down normally. At all other times, including during normal operation, there is a flag in the database marking it as inconsistent. Thus if the database service is terminated abnormally, Exchange Server knows on the next startup that something went wrong in the previous session. Exchange then initiates "soft recovery" steps to back out or commit necessary transactions to the database and restore its integrity. The number between brackets, in this case, 1320, is the process id.
Event 110 follows if the recovery was succesfull.
This usual occurs after the online defragmentation pass which occurs every morning, although it can happen at any time.  It usual indicates there is a problem with either the database or it''s log file, and it is trying to fix it itself.  If you see this error it is normally a minor error.  Anything more inportant would result in the services being stopped.

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