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Event ID: 1085 Source: GroupPolicy

Windows failed to apply the <policy name> settings. <policy name> settings might have its own log file. Please click on the "More information" link.
T727303 indicates that this might be caused by a problem with one of the group policies client-side extensions. Some basic troubleshooting suggestions are provided (including the use of certain troubleshooting client-side extensions such as Scripts and Software Installation).
Policy name "IP Security" - According to ME898062, this problem may occur if a security identifier (SID) in a restricted group cannot be mapped to a name. The article provides information about an applicable hotfix.
Policy TCPIP - From a support forum - In my case I found the issue was the "IP Helper" service was disabled.
Policy Internet Explorer Zonemapping - From a support forum - In my case, I found that one of the URLs did not have a value and that was causing the problem.

See also EV100319 (The Group Policy client-side extension Internet Explorer Zonemapping failed to execute).
Policy "Wireless Group Policy" - One user was getting this while apparently the specified policy was not part of any of the deployed policies. Further investigation revealed that the policy was still referred in one of the group policies. See EV100320 (Windows failed to apply the Wireless Group Policy settings) for details on how the problem was identified. T737101 provides information about the Wireless Network Policies Extension Tools and Settings.

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