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Event ID: 11 Source: aic78xx

The driver detected a controller error on Device\ScsiPortO.
See ME259237, ME305547, and ME314093 to find out how to troubleshoot EventID 9 and EventID 11.
I received this error on a server running Win2k with a tape drive and CDROM both attached to the 7880 controller. When troubleshooting, we detached the CDROM and tape drive from the controller and the error stopped. It turned out that the error was caused by the CDROM, even though it was not showing any errors and it worked fine. Replacing the CDROM fixed the issue. The source of the error could have been a connector on the CDROM, because we swapped in a known good cable and it still gave that error.
This error occurs while using the Adaptec 2940x SCSI controller or other PCI-based SCSI controllers in conjunction with the 3com 3c59x network adapter. The 3Com EtherLink 3c590 and 3c595 PCI network adapter driver (El59x.sys) that shipped with Windows NT has problems with bus mastering when multiple PCI-based controllers are installed. These error messages can also be caused by poor or incorrect SCSI termination, a failing device or controller, inferior SCSI cabling, or a poorly written device driver for the SCSI controller.

To Fix: - Obtain the fix provided by 3Com for the 3C59x driver (version 1.10.00 or later). Sometimes a low-level format performed by the SCSI controller will resolve these event messages. See ME153128.

If Backup Exec for Windows NT/2000 jobs are reporting hardware errors such I/O Errors, Semaphore Timeout errors, and Event ID 9, 11 and 15 the in System Event Log, this may be due the fact that the SCSI driver on the system is out of date. See Veritas TechNote ID: 231918 link.
See ME154690 for a troubleshooting approach.

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