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Event ID: 11 Source: atapi

The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort0.
I recieved this event on a Windows Vista SP1 machine shortly after logon. Never saw the problem in safe mode. I disabled all services and startup items and still had the computer locking up randomly after login. Never could get the issue to happen in safe mode. It turns out that the HD had a bad sector which happened to be holding the pagefile! Simply performed a scandisk to get the machine operational, performed a backup and then replaced the HD.
In one case, a computer was running Windows 2000 Professional SP4 that was configured to boot from a SCSI drive. An IDE drive was temporarily added in order to perform some work on it. When the computer was started this event was repeated four times and then followed by EventID 9 from source atapi. Windows showed the disk as normal but Partition Magic 8.0 showed it as "BAD". Remove or replace the faulty hard drive.
This error may be received if you have 2 cd-roms on the same ide channel with incorrect jumper settings.  In my scenario, the cd-rom jumpers were set to cable select however the IDE cable did not support it.  Configuring the jumpers to master/slave corrected this error.
See also event ID 11 from adpu160m for a more general explanation.

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