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Event ID: 11002 Source: RSVP

Error (<error description>) while validating AcsService account user name, password. Enter the correct account user name, password using the QoS ACS management console.
- A required privilege is not held by the client. - no info
Error: "Logon failure: the specified account password has expired". You can go into QoS Admission Control (Admission Control Service..(ACS)from Administrative Tools), Subnetwork Settings, right click on the IP address, click on the "Servers" tab and make sure your Server name is listed here.  If not you can "Add" it and set the password here. But this doesn't fix it. Maybe I'm in the wrong place to do the fix as described by the Event, but I did find a fix in another place. Simply go to Active Directory, right click on AcsService, click on properties, click on the "Account" tab, and check "password never expires" and also check "never" under the section "Account Expires". You could also right click on AcsService and "reset password" and enter your password again here. At least in my case, this fixed the problem. Also Event 11002 spawned Event 11003 (having to do with "MSIDLPM could not logon to the Kerberos KeyDistribution Center...". The fix for Event 11002 also fixed Event 11003.

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