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Event ID: 1102 Source: SNMP

The SNMP Service is ignoring extension agent dll <dll file> because it is missing or misconfigured.
Data: 0000007e
- File: "D:\MSSQL\BINN\sqlsnmp.dll" - To correct this error, ensure that the "SYSTEM" account has Full Control access to the directory listed.
I found that an old installation of Symantec System Center was my problem. It did not uninstall completely. See the link to "Symantec Support Document ID: 2000090514113248" to manually uninstall Symantec System Center.
"Veritas Support Document ID: 277269" provides information on this issue.
See "Veritas Support Document ID: 245141" for information on solving this problem.
- File: "C:\LDCLIENT\LDMSSNMP.DLL" - If you’re using Landesk Management Suite 6.62 and you install the server manager component, you will get this error every time you boot the machine. There is a patch available from Landesk Software. As a workaround, you can rename LDSMSNMP.DLL to LDMSSNMP.DLL.

File: "C:\WINNT\System32\rtipxmib.dll" - The dll responsible for the IPX MIB (management information base) of the system wasn't found during SNMP startup and won't be supported during session. The event was encountered after SP 3 installation on Win2000 Server w/Active Directory.
Data value 0000007e (decimal 126) translates to "The specified module could not be found" so the first step would be to verify if the file exists. The SNMP services has in its registries and it is trying to load it. It could be that a software package was installed at some point and added the entries for the SNMP but failed to remove them when it was uinstalled.

If the file in question does exist on the specified path here is a suggestion from the newsgroups: "Use depends.exe to find what module cant be found (available from msdev or .net installation). The dll may have a dependancy on file that doesn't exist on that box." Another suggestion:
Check registry key entry for SNMP dll to see if it is correct:
                               # : REG_SZ :

Reported dlls:
- C:\WINNT\Sytem32\iasperf.dll
- tasnmp
- C:\WINNT\System32\winsmib.dll
- C:\WINNT\System32\mfagent.dll
- C:\WINDOWS\system32\ams_ii\snmphndl.dll
- C:\WINNT\System32\inetsrv\httpmib.dll
- C:\Program Files\Dell\OpenManage\OMSA\bin\dcsnmp32.dll - Suggestion from newsgroups: "You may want to reinstall the Dell SNMP extension agent."

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